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FAQ: 2022 NHS Pay Bands For Nurses

Over the last few days, many have taken to Google to enquire about the National Health Services’ pay band. Most are enquiring about Band 5 and we have taken the time to answer some questions about the NHS’ pay band in 2022. What Is The Average Wage For A UK Nurse In 2022? According to […]

Celebrating Great Women In Health Care

This week on Tuesday, the world shall commemorate International Women’s Day, celebrating women and the multi-faceted capes they wear each day. According to official statistics from last year, approximately 77.6% of NHS employees are women. While there is no available research on why women are dominating the NHS employ, we can only speculate from outside […]

5 Tips On Curating A Healthy Information Diet

The advent of social media has increased our consumption of information over the years. According to Cybercrew on average people in the UK spend 7 months of their lifetime on Facebook. An average person in the UK spends 110 minutes per day on social media and 169 minutes on TV per day. This has been […]

FAQ – How To Obtain UK Health And Care Worker VISA

Over the last few months, you have probably heard about the UK Health And Care Worker VISA, you probably know someone that left an African country to go and work in the UK. How did they do it, most Zimbabweans have been asking, this article will answer the most frequently asked questions about how one […]