FAQ: How To Get A Health Care Assistant Job With Tier 2 Sponsorship In The UK

Over the last few days, Tier 2 Sponsorship searches have flooded Google. Google Trends even went on to say there is a breakout (a fancy word Google uses to mean many people are searching for the word/phrase/topic and their systems can’t keep up). People have been searching for how they can move to the UK and start a new life there. Some who are researching about Tier 2 Sponsored VISAs are asking the following questions, we have taken the liberty to explain some of the frequently asked questions about becoming a health care assistant in the UK

What is Tier 2 Sponsorship? Also called a skilled worker sponsorship, is a facility that allows companies in the UK to hire skilled people from outside the UK who meet their requirements. A sponsoring company in the Uk must have a Tier 2 Sponsorship license to hire people from outside the UK.

How does one get a Tier 2 Sponsored VISA? To get a Tier 2 Sponsored VISA one must be on the list of eligible occupations, in this case, if you are looking for a job as a Health Care Assistant, you should be qualified to do that as a nurse aid from a reputable institution like the Red Cross. If you meet that requirement then, you should find a job with a home office approved employer from the UK. When you get a job in the UK, your employer must issue you with a sponsorship certificate that details the role you have been offered in the UK. Then you must be able to prove that you can understand, read, write and speak English either through taking an approved English test. Once you have these documents then you can apply for a tier 2 sponsored visa.

How much does it cost to get a Tier 2 Sponsored VISA? Since care workers fall under a list of shortage occupations, the VISA application fee will be about $606 if you want to stay for up to 3 years and about $1212 if you want to stay for more than 3 years. You will also need to pay Immigration Health Surcharge of $815 for each year you will be in the UK and an additional $1660 has to be in your account for 28 days to show that you can support yourself in the UK before you start working.

What if I cannot afford to pay for myself? If you cannot pay for your application fees, it might be difficult to get a VISA because it might be difficult to convince an employer to give you money to apply especially if you are still outside the UK. However, most employers are willing to pay relocation expenses like the Immigration Health Surcharge, the first few months of rentals and airfares. You will need to liaise with your employer and see what they are comfortable paying for before you make a commitment.

How long will the Tier 2 VISA last? Up to 5 years.

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