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5 Small Workplace Gestures That Make A Big Difference

Over the last several weeks, we have talked about many workplace gestures, the workplace in general and some do and donts that will make your work life enjoyable if not bearable. While it is advisable to be friends with your co-workers whenever possible, it is also recommended to try and seek and maintain peace with […]

FAQ- Monkeypox

A few weeks ago the world woke up to more bad news, that an individual had tested positive for something called monkeypox, an orthopoxvirus that is in the family of smallpox. Since the world is still battling the CIVID-19 pandemic, it was only natural that some people would panic and speculate that this virus could be […]

We Are Grateful, Morden Day Tech Has Enabled Us Immensely

This photo was taken in the US in 1939. It shows a bunch of district nurses and their bicycles. These healthcare workers would use these bicyles to fulfil their mandate to their patients. Cars and other transportation modes were still in their infancy or unheard of in some parts of the world. Fast forward to […]

5 Tips To Combat Technology Induced Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain aside, we cannot deny the obvious, technology has made our lives better on too many levels. How technology revolutionised our communication from the era of communicating through the one handset landline often in the dining room where every family member would hear part of your conversation to a personal smartphone remains the […]