Women In Health Care

Celebrating Great Women In Health Care

This week on Tuesday, the world shall commemorate International Women’s Day, celebrating women and the multi-faceted capes they wear each day. According to official statistics from last year, approximately 77.6% of NHS employees are women. While there is no available research on why women are dominating the NHS employ, we can only speculate from outside and say, women, have to an extent become the backbone of the NHS. Official Statistics say:

  • 140 500 or 47% of doctors in the UK are female,
  • 303 000+ or 88.6% of NHS nurses are women,
  • 7866+ or 42.5% of NHS Ambulance stuff are women,
  • 133 670+ or 77.6% on NHS technical, therapeutic and scientific staff are women,
  • 12 700 of Dentists in the UK are female
  • 55% of phamacists in the UK are women
  • 62% of NHS managers are female
  • 80% of care assistants in the UK are female.

As the world celebrates women in their different and various capacities as mothers, sisters, aunts, inlaws, daughters, grandmothers, nieces, friends, colleagues, we also take the time to salute the women in health care who minister to us when we are not well.

To the women in Health care, our message for the Internationational Women’s Day 2022 is simple: Wear your capes with pride, you clearly are our societies’ backbone

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