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Do International Awareness Days Make A Difference?

This week the world is celebrating international breastfeeding week one of many international awareness days celebrated throughout the year in the health industry. Days are set aside for different cancers, ailments, chronic and communicable diseases. Throughout the year people undertake different activities to try and raise awareness around the cause that the day has been […]

Why We All Need Strong Work Ethics Today

The ongoing recession hitting many parts of the world demands many things from us, among them better or relatively strong work ethics to wade through these murky waters, if we are to come out of it in a better state. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic plunged the world into a series of bad global outcomes. Families […]

3 Self-Care Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

When we say self-care tips, we are opening an avenue that is too broad because different people have different definitions of the term self-care. However, for today we will use the World Health Organisation’s definition of self-care which states that: The ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and […]

Psychoactive Drugs, A Blessing Or A Curse?

Are Psychoactive Drugs a blessing or a curse? As Health workers, we are sometimes discouraged from expressing our opinions on most things medical because in most cases lives have been saved by those procedures, drugs etc, however, we have to discuss this paradox. Are psychoactive drugs a blessing or an ill to our society? The […]

3 Must-Haves Technologies In Healthcare

Technology has brought us so many conveniences, before we dive right into the must-have technologies in healthcare, let me take you back a bit. Imagine how we can now video chat with our loved ones on another continent. Long back if you needed to reach someone on another continent you had to go to them […]

5 Effective Workplace Time Management Strategies

If you are like me you probably struggle to keep time, be on time and in some instances finish something on time. I am one of those students that would struggle to research or do preliminary work on an assignment at university till the day before it’s due. I’m that one person that in most cases […]

5 Ways To Improve Productivity At Your Workplace

Management has from time immemorial have oftentimes struggled to develop effective ways to improve productivity in their workplaces. The problem was then exacerbated by the pandemic and the advent of remote working. Remote working contributed to decreased productivity in some organisations as people took time to do other things during working hours. not to discredit […]