How To Become An Agency Nurse In The UK

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How To Become An Agency Nurse In The UK? Some nurses found themselves in considerable difficulty in 2022 when they discovered there is so much month at the end of money and their paycheques were not going to change anytime soon. Given the ongoing economic downturn, a lot of nurses are considering shifting entirely to agency nursing because they need to rearrange one or two things in their lives to make ends meet.

The video below details some of the reasons why it will be beneficial for you to become an agency nurse:

According to Randstad, There are many pros than cons to being an agency nurse which include but are not limited to:

  1. Greater diversity of patients and co-workers
  2. There is less management in agency nursing
  3. You don’t have to deal with office politics.
  4. You will be doing actual nursing work (not spend some time embroiled in admin work)

Others have often wondered how they can become agency nurses and if it is advisable to flip to agency nursing full-time. The short answer to both these questions is, it’s easy and worthwhile.

To become an agency nurse you first have to meet the following criterion:

  1. Have Professional Nursing Qualifications
  2. Be eligible to work in the UK
  3. You have to be registered with the NMC
  4. You should have proof of vaccinations and immunisation.

If you have these then you can start looking for agency work from different agencies in your area. You can be paid in three different ways.

  1. The agencies can pay you after deducting National Insurance(NI) and income tax
  2. You can open a limited company and the agencies can pay the proceeds into the company account and you will pay NI and other taxes on your own. (This is usually considered the best option)
  3. The agencies may pay an umbrella company which then does admin work for you and make payments directly to you.

If you ever want to become an agency nurse, we can help you get started. In case you have any questions, about becoming an agency nurse, reach out to us by calling us at 03300300031 or sending us an email at Check out our other blogs on staffing and placement here.

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