Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!! 3 Things To Do To Make Sure The New Year is Enjoyable

Happy New Year, 2023 is here. Following the old tradition of reinventing or planning to reinvent ourselves in the new year, many of us have promised ourselves many things in 2023. Well social media is awash with messages of encouragement and hope, telling us that in the new year, we should remain true to ourselves but try to better ourselves debunking the famous “new year new me mantra”

For some people like this writer, I really need to be a new person in 2023 as I take on more responsibility, enter new fields, and start new things (something I have labelled unchartered territories). So in as much as I don’t want to put pressure on myself and not chant the famous “new year, new me” slogan. Circumstances are just screaming that in the new year I become a new person. I know some professionals like me are also supposed to grow into new roles, shed some habits, adopt better habits, and become different people from the people they were in 2022.

This sometimes puts pressure on professionals, especially the ones trying to make some more quid during an economic recession. If you are one person, burdened with the expectations of the new year here are some free tips on how to make the new year enjoyable.

  1. Set realistic goals – telling yourself you will lose 3 stone in 2 months might be a motivating factor towards reaching your goals initially, however when after a few days your efforts don’t tally your results you will be frustrated and this will probably demotivate you, you will probably quit or start a vicious cycle of starting afresh, failing and quitting which might continue for the entire year. This goes for all other plans and goals you are setting up for yourself as a nurse or healthcare professional. Set a realistic goal at first, and when you have achieved it, scale up and double your efforts till you are happy with your progress.
  2. Have an absolute routine – so I know it’s sort of oxymoronic of me to suggest that you have a routine that is set in stone because life happens right? Well, if you set up a routine and follow it to a tee, you make life for yourself and those around you easy as they can predict or tell what you will do next among other things. This means you will probably lead a seamless day-to-day life as people around you have to plan their lives and their schedules around your routine. This means no pressure for you and yours right?
  3. Take a break – Of course, given the ongoing recession, part of us as professionals will be faced with many reasons to try and work harder. Yes, we need to work harder for our goals but not all money is good money. Take a break and enjoy your family, separate your professional life and your personal life and try to strike a balance between the two at all costs.

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