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How To Leverage Social Media To Get More Agency Shifts

A few weeks ago, we were telling you about agency shifts and how to become an agency nurse. Agency nursing has helped a lot of healthcare professionals be in control of their time, their schedule and their finances. Over the last few years, agency nursing has gained popularity. 54.53% of the nurses in the NMC […]

Nurses, Is Your Work Environment Toxic?

Toxic Work Environments, one of the topics less discussed on the web, no employer would ever want their workplace to be described as toxic right? Research has cited that over the years, a toxic work culture is one of the most cited reasons why people quit their jobs. A lot of us do not even […]

Technology In Nursing: Dos And Donts

It’s high time we talk about technology in nursing, for the simple reason that, tech has taken over the world. The world has evolved immensely from the era when community nurses used bicycles to make home visits to this day of smart medical devices and remote patient monitoring. In the early 30s, nurses never thought […]

How To Become An Agency Nurse In The UK

How To Become An Agency Nurse In The UK? Some nurses found themselves in considerable difficulty in 2022 when they discovered there is so much month at the end of money and their paycheques were not going to change anytime soon. Given the ongoing economic downturn, a lot of nurses are considering shifting entirely to […]

WATCH: 3 Things Your Probably Didn’t Know About Nurse Prescribers

Although they came late to the regulation party, Nurse Prescribers eventually made it to the regulation tab. What are Nurse prescribers, in case you are wondering, according to a reliable nursing journal, the British Journal of Nursing, these are : …nurses who have successfully completed a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Practitioner Nurse Prescribing course […]

WATCH: 3 Patient Safety Tips All Nurses Should Know

Last week the world commemorated patient safety day and nurses and other health workers on many social media platforms spent the day talking about patient safety. Some in Africa remembered how health workers like nurses manhandled them, and how some of their loved ones died due to medical errors. Some even thought of how there […]

We Are Hiring

Over the past few months, we have indicated on social media that we are hiring. We have placed several advertorials in different formats hoping to catch a wider audience of people offering what we are looking for. Pivotal Solutions has said recruitment/hiring is not an event but an ongoing process, and we stand by such […]

Feeling Unmotivated At Work? These 3 Tips Will Help

Are you feeling tired or unmotivated at your workplace? An Instagram post popped up on my smartphone. Yes, I opened the slide hoping to see a magic trick that would help my mental fatigue. The post went on to suggest that I probably was just a burnout and I wasn’t going through mild depression, as […]