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How To Become A Pedriatic Nurse In The UK

People have always turned to Google to ask about the most paging nursing field in the UK. Google has always responded by answering that Pediatric nurses earn as much as £64000+ a year and I’m certain a lot of you are intrigued. If Pediatric nursing pays that much then how does one become a pediatric nurse in the UK? Here is your answer.

What Is a pediatric nurse? 
According to the Nursing Journal, a pediatric nurse is a nurse who looks after children from birth till they turn 18 

What do pediatric nurses do? 
The specialist nurses work with children battling various diseases at different developmental stages (infancy to 18 years. They make use of soft skills like patience, empathy, and effective communication to serve and treat their patients. Pediatric nurses are usually the ones that explain to their patient’s parents the diagnosis and treatment process of their young patients. 

How does one become a pediatric nurse in the UK?
According to the NHS:

You’ll need to do a degree level qualification to be a nurse so will usually need a minimum of five GCSEs (typically including maths, English language or literature and a science subject) at grades 5/4 (C) or above or equivalent level 2 qualification, then go on to take at least two A levels (eg including a subject like human biology, psychology or sociology) or equivalent level 3 qualification such as a BTEC or apprenticeship


After that, you need to look for a job and get your NMC pin and work to build experience as you advance in your career. Alternatively, you can as a qualified nurse take a postgraduate course like a master’s in children’s nursing and start working towards gaining experience in the field.

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