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How To Become A Pedriatic Nurse In The UK

People have always turned to Google to ask about the most paging nursing field in the UK. Google has always responded by answering that Pediatric nurses earn as much as £64000+ a year and I’m certain a lot of you are intrigued. If Pediatric nursing pays that much then how does one become a pediatric […]

3 Things To Note On Impending Nurses’ Strike

The impending UK Nurses’ strike has dominated internet searches for weeks on end. As unions try to get the government to grant them double digits pay rise to curtail inflation which has reached its 4-decade all-time high, the highest pay rise given by the UK government in a long time according to Reuters.  The nurses’ […]

5 Things To Note If You Are Considering Agency Nursing

Over the last few months, we have extensively discussed agency nursing. We have shared tips on how to become one, and we have shared tips on what to expect and where to get agency jobs. Some have reached out to us looking for more information about becoming agency nurses. Some have taken the leap of […]

3 Things Nurses Should Know About Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

According to Google, the search for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has increased over the last few weeks. This probably means multiple people are genuinely interested in knowing about this therapy. As trained caregivers, nurses are supposed to educate themselves about subjects that might help their patients to better serve them whenever possible. Since multiple people in […]

5 Self Care Tips For Nurses

Over the years, nurses who by virtue of their jobs are trained caregivers, have effortlessly taken care of generations. Nurses have taken care of societies, communities, generations and families, and they continue to do so to this day. However, nursing in 1939 where the district nurse would ride a bicycle to do community visits is […]

3 Things Nurses Can Do To Raise Cancer Awareness

Cancer has over the past century wreaked havoc in our communities and families. Nurses are at the epicentre of fighting this disease because we treat cancer patients daily. We have seen families torn apart, and children orphaned, and we interact with heartbroken spouses and partners every day because of cancer. While our duty is to […]