District Nurses 1939

We Are Grateful, Morden Day Tech Has Enabled Us Immensely

This photo was taken in the US in 1939. It shows a bunch of district nurses and their bicycles. These healthcare workers would use these bicyles to fulfil their mandate to their patients. Cars and other transportation modes were still in their infancy or unheard of in some parts of the world. Fast forward to 2022, 83 years later, the world is even dicing with the idea of delivering medicine in some remote parts of the globe using drones. As workers in the healthcare industry, we have often marvelled and we will forever be grateful for modern medicine and how it has made our jobs easier, in some instances joyous and in most cases fulfilling.

We however have to pay homage to other players who have invented tools that make our lives in some if not most ways easy-going, helping us to cater and care for the community we swore to serve. Today, we thank the bike makers from 1939, and the helicopter and plane markers from the 20th century as we thank the automobile industry for giving us more tools to carry our fiduciary duty with ease. Imagine cycling to work every day (not because you want to but you have to) given our schedules and our routines, how were we going to cope as healthcare workers, I wonder!!!!

Photo Credits: Jerripedia

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