7 Steps To Follow When Applying For A Health And Care Worker VISA To The UK

Over the last few weeks, we have shed light on the Health and Care Worker VISA to the UK and other sponsorship programs to get a permit to work in the UK. This has been influenced by the searches we see on Google of people looking for that particular information and or information related to that. While we have been able to answer a few questions about how one can go about the whole VISA application process, we have not shed light on these 7 steps one can follow when applying for a Health and Care Work VISA.

In case you don’t know where to begin, how to do it and or you are not liquid enough to pay an agent to guide you through the application process here is what you can do:

  1. Find out if your occupation falls under the list of occupations eligible for the VISA
  2. If you are eligible for the VISA start working on your knowledge of English as you will need to prove that you can write, understand, read and or communicate in English. If your qualifications like degree or Diploma was conducted in English you might need a letter from your school explaining that. If not, you will need to take an English proficiency test, the Secure English Language Test can be taken through any of the following providers Pearson PSI Services (UK) Ltd IELTS SELT Consortium LanguageCert
  3. If you have your knowledge of English conformation, apply for a job in the UK. This might include you going on social media groups that have people who hire people, it will also include you searching for recruitment agencies in the UK sending them your CV and any other document they might require.
  4. Once you have managed to secure a job, you should know if your employer is sponsoring your other expenses like accommodation if need be, flight tickets and or the Immigration Health Surcharge. You should obtain a sponsorship certificate from an approved employer to apply for a job in the UK.
  5. Find out the application fee payable for the visa and how you will pay the fees from your local banks, calculate the rates from your local currency to the pound carefully to make sure you will not have a shortfall at a critical time.
  6. Once you have the secure English Language Test (if you need one), your application fee, and a certificate of sponsorship then you can apply online for a Health and Care worker VISA on the UK government website. Please note, you will be asked to provide a valid passport, your job’s occupation code and other details regarding your employer. All those questions will be answered through your sponsorship certificate.
  7. Keep these documents handy because you may be asked to provide them, a police clearance certificate, bank statements proving that you have enough funds to take care of yourself in the UK. In some instances, your sponsor can support you on this, proof of the relationship you have with the people applying with you, and a tuberculosis test.
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