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5 Small Workplace Gestures That Make A Big Difference

Over the last several weeks, we have talked about many workplace gestures, the workplace in general and some do and donts that will make your work life enjoyable if not bearable. While it is advisable to be friends with your co-workers whenever possible, it is also recommended to try and seek and maintain peace with everyone at your workplace just to make sure everyone is either in your corner or inclined to take your side if the need arises. Hate it or love it, workplace divisions are counterproductive, add fuel to the office politics fire, affect other coworkers not involved in the divisions and make the workplace environment tense and hostile. This then adversely affects the work all workers are collectively doing which might also affect the organization as a whole. 

According to Psychology Today, human beings, we tend to remember small kind gestures:

We are designed to detect, remember, and respond to the small acts of gratefulness, appreciation, and acknowledgment in our daily encounters with others.

While it might be impossible to befriend everyone or even be cordial with every last person at your workplace, these small gestures are powerful enough to make sure there are more people at your workplace who will remain cordial with you and make your life at the workplace bearable and or happy.

  1. Earnestly express gratitude by saying thank you when someone helps you out at work
  2. Whenever possible surprise a coworker by inviting them to lunch or bringing them food or a small gift or present especially of something they actually like.
  3. Listen earnestly when they are telling you something about their work or even something personal because sometimes all they want or need is not advice but a good listener.
  4. Offer honest compliments to coworkers whenever you feel compelled to.
  5. Ask about their life outside the workplace and when asked in return share something interesting.
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