5 Ways To Improve Productivity At Your Workplace

Management has from time immemorial have oftentimes struggled to develop effective ways to improve productivity in their workplaces. The problem was then exacerbated by the pandemic and the advent of remote working. Remote working contributed to decreased productivity in some organisations as people took time to do other things during working hours. not to discredit the fact that in some organisations people still take time off their work to do other things unrelated to their work. Productivity is still a problem in many workplaces and managers and supervisors are still cracking their heads over this problem even when the world is now moving into the fourth industrial revolution. Productivity is defined as the effectiveness of productive effort. The amount of labour, capital and time being put into production measured against the output or the outcome.

In many cases, especially in the service industry, it is hard to measure productivity because the organisation’s output is measured as a whole and there is no room or method that can be used to measure productive individual effort. However, there are other things that just affect an individual’s productivity these include but are not limited to:

  • Distractions,
  • Low employee morale
  • Poor management
  • Poor time management
  • Poor communication

Hard as it might be to motivate people to stay efficient, effective and productive at all times, something has to be done in order to help organisations maintain standards at all costs. There are a few things management can implement to improve productivity, these include:

  • According to Indeed a career development platform, it’s always advisable to set smaller objectives. this will not put too much pressure on the employees in a bid to fulfil them and retain or keep their jobs.
  • Implement effective time management strategies for example setting reminders, setting personal deadlines for some tasks and establishing a routine where applicable and using time management tools like the Pomodoro strategy among other tools.
  • Find a way whenever possible to limit or reduce interruptions and disruptions in a workplace. Some organisations discourage the use of phones during working hours to limit disruptions.
  • Whenever possible delegate tasks, separate your work life and your personal life and always make sure that you have a reasonable workload. Even superhumans need to rest too.
  • Do your heavy work, or the heavy lifting when you are at your best. This means if you know you are most energetic in the morning, then do the hard work then so that you will not be tired and timid when it’s time to do some heavy work later on.
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