3 Things Nurses Can Do To Raise Cancer Awareness

Cancer has over the past century wreaked havoc in our communities and families. Nurses are at the epicentre of fighting this disease because we treat cancer patients daily. We have seen families torn apart, and children orphaned, and we interact with heartbroken spouses and partners every day because of cancer.

While our duty is to treat patients that come to the various medical facilities we provide our services to, we cannot overlook the fact that we live in communities and we probably have seen neighbours and people we care about battling this deadly disease. This means we have seen first-hand how deadly cancer is, and if it were up to us, the onus would be on us to raise awareness against cancer.

Some if not most cancers according to the National Library of Medicine are diagnosed at an advanced stage, this usually limits the chances of a patient surviving. The progression of some cancers can be slowed down by changing a patient’s lifestyle. Most patients do not know this. As a nurse, if you are willing to raise awareness against cancer here are some of the things you can do in your society.

  1. Encourage peers, friends, neighbours and relatives to go for cancer screening.
  2. Research more about the different types of cancers and how to slow down disease progression, this will help you whenever you are helping people in your circle who are battling cancer.
  3. Do awareness campaigns or encourage people in your community, family, and friends to participate in those awareness campaigns as they will learn more and more about that dreadful disease.

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