It’s Giving Week, Here Are 3 NHS Charities You May Want To Donate To

After the American Thanksgiving Holiday comes giving day. On this day which is celebrated a few days after thanksgiving day, people chose to give others resources they have or resources they need to make them feel good and have a happy festive season.

A lot of us give to our families, to our friends to our communities and to our churches. A lot of us give to different causes. Given the problems bedevilling the entire world, there are a million plus causes and they are mostly looking for resources to further their causes.

While a lot of us are already making sacrifices and counting our coins in this pandemic-induced recession, the world still needs a helping hand in more ways than one. As health workers, we know some of the causes that need our help. In case we want to lend a helping hand, you may want to donate to these three NHS Charities, because, just like all 230 NHS Charities, they are helping communities in more ways than one:

  1. Musgrove Leukaemic Group Somerset (MLGS) – This charity raises funds for leukaemia and lymphoma patients and their families in Somerset. According to the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, MLGS was formed in the late 1970s to help the local children who had to travel to get treatment.
  2. The Neurosciences Research Foundation – This charity helps fund research on the diseases of the brain and spinal cord that are still untreatable and any progress in finding an effective treatment.
  3. Limbless Association – This charity helps the limp-loss community from all walks of life with support through existing services.

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