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Nursing 101, Important Nursing Tips Everyone Should Know

Nursing 101 is the last thing you were expecting to read on this blog right? Well, to be fair it was also the last thing we were expecting to write about until this fine morning. As an agency responsible for placing nurses in great environments where they can improve their bottom line while offering a much-needed service, we have befriended and been exposed to many a nurse.

Many health workers have moved to the UK from different parts of the globe to work in UK Hospitals and medical centres. The way things are done in the UK when it comes to patient handling and general nursing etiquette in UK is different. In some African hospitals nursing are a menace, a bunch of unapproachable people who will not hesitate to read you the riot act should they decide you badly need it even when you are a patient. Some African mothers have chilling stories of how nurses shouted, scolded or manhandled them, especially during labour.

In some communities, this has been normalised because people see it as a necessary evil because they believe sometimes mothers in labour are not serious and sometimes if they are not pushed the birth might have a fatal end. While those societies turn a blind eye to such, the same is not the case in the UK. Should one desire to be a good nurse, and last in their career till retirement then they need this Nursing 101 unofficial guide:

  1. If possible find a senior nurse to mentor you unofficially or officially, and observe how they serve their patients, and how they interact with others.
  2. Acquaint yourself with UK Nursing laws, and always stay up to date on that front.
  3. Do not be a bore, yes you read that correctly, do not be a nuisance to fellow workers and even to patients. Do not constantly complain, do not talk about people behind their backs and try to be cordial with all people, patients and co-workers alike.
  4. Hope for the best but expect the worst, people come from different backgrounds and they have different personalities. They will have some traits that will probably not sit well with you. Be objective and always expect the worst even when you are hoping for the best. This will help you to not snap or react in a way that will sanction disciplinary action from your superiors.
  5. Try and maintain a healthy work-life balance and always prioritise your health. Given the availability of extra shifts and all, it’s easy to get carried away and work extra hard blurring the lines between work and personal life. By all means, find a way to separate the two.
  6. Do not forget Nursing etiquette rules.
  7. Be efficient, establish a routine and always make sure you prioritise important things on your list of important tasks for the day or week or month.

Well, these nursing 101 tips will help those that are coming to work in the UK as nurses and those that are already working in the UK. Check out our other employment tips on our blog.

If you are a nurse based in the West Midlands in need of extra shifts in your local area call us on 03300300031 or send us an email at we offer great rates.

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